Sunday, March 24, 2013

Take Me Out to the {Verb} Ball Game!

So my hubby is an athletic trainer and his life revolves around baseball. His baseball players get to see way more of his handsome face than I do! I was sitting at a game last weekend thinking about how it’s a darn good thing I love baseball or my life would stink. And I was also thinking about verbs, because what else would a teacher be thinking about on a Sunday afternoon?
I had recently done a week’s worth of verbs with my cute 2nd graders and the next Monday when I asked what a verb was, they had no clue. UGH!!!! I swear I’m not that bad of a teacher! So I knew I needed a game. Kids always learn from gamesbaseball and verbs, baseball and about a Verb Baseball game? What would apparently be the best game my kids had ever played was born. J

The game focuses on the different verb tenses, rather than just the idea that a verb is an action word. My kiddos have never had so much fun with grammar. I played the game in my small group and the kids just couldn’t wait to have their small group turn! Some of them thought it was rigged. Haha. Anyway, you should {check it out}! And if you are one of the first three readers to leave your email address in a comment, I’ll send it to you for free!
Five days ‘til Spring Break!


KM said...
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Jenna Frederick said...

Your work is just adorable. I love following your blog :)


Amy said...

Looks cute! We;re just starting verbs in my class, too!

Underpaid and Overblessed said...

Thanks, ladies! I'll email it to you soon!


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