Saturday, March 30, 2013

{FREE} Emergency Sub Plan Idea!

So I’ve seen this idea around the Internet before. It’s not mine (please let me know if it’s yours so I can give you the credit!), but it’s so great I had to share.

Most elementary teachers know and love the Miss Nelson books by Harry Allard. And most elementary teachers dread creating plans for those days we can’t be at school and have to have a substitute. So here is a super easy idea to add to your emergency sub plan file.
All you need is a copy of Miss Nelson is Missing and a paper for each student. (Click on {HERE} to download it for free.  Copy back to back, using whichever versions are better for your students.) Have the sub read Miss Nelson is Missing to your class, then discuss with them some ideas about where you might be. Then have the sub give each student a sheet, and have them write and draw about their ideas. Viola!

 Your kids will absolutely LOVE doing this, no matter what grade they’re in. Mine came up with some super creative ideas and their drawings were adorable. Several thought I wasn’t at school because I had fallen in a volcano, been eaten by a shark, gotten stuck in a waterfall.there were a couple who thought I wasn’t there because I was out getting a divorce. Haha. (I swear I’ve never given them a reason to think that!) One thought I was out having a baby. (Definitely not prego.)Anyway, it’s just a lot of fun for the kids to create, and a lot of fun for you to read, as well! Enjoy!


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