Sunday, October 21, 2012

What is a Sentence?!

Fall Break is almost over! L If only every weekend was four days long!

This week I am introducing our last component of Daily Five—Word Work. Woo hoo! During small group time, we will be reviewing sentence structure. Now I come from fifth grade, so all this second grade stuff is relatively new to me. In fifth grade we learned about subjects and predicates. In second grade we are just learning that a sentence has “who or what did the action” and “what the action was.” I still think the official vocabulary is important for the kids to learn, but for now, those are the basics we are reviewing.

I’m trying to take advantage of what little time is left in the Halloween season, so I created a mini-unit which teaches the parts of a sentence, Halloween style. The unit includes sentence structure anchor charts and two games to help students understand the different parts of a sentence, and recognize whether a sentence is complete or incomplete. I’ve discovered that with these little ones, if you call anything a game they’re sold on it! I’m thinking this mini-unit may be good for when my principal comes to observe this week.

And of course, the first 3 friends to comment here with their email addresses will get this mini-unit FREE! Don’t hesitate to give me feedback! I’m still new at creating for other teachers and want to make sure I’m giving them what they want and what works!

Have a great week!


miss m said...

love your blog!

Julene Hoffman said...

I am working on this too = perfect!
Julene Hoffman

Mindy D said...

So excited about this! Can't wait to take a deeper look at all of your stuff!

Heather's Heart said...

This is wonderful. I love all of your creations! =)

Hop over to my blog when you get the chance and see if you can find some *freebies* your kiddos can use. =)

Heather's Heart

Debbie said...

My evaluation is this week too!!! Looks great!

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