Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cough and Sneeze? Elbow, please! {FREE POSTERS}

My mom is a pre-k teacher and I truly have no idea how she does it.
I can't get over how my second graders are tiny babies; don't give me any grade lower!
With her pre-k darlings comes the usual little kid grossness....sneezing in your face, pottying all over the So my mom requested some cutsie posters, and here they are,
FREE to all!
Hope they help you and your kiddos be a little more germ-free!
Click {here} or on the posters to get yours now!



Heather's Heart said...

I love the cough and sneeze poster! Thank you so much!

Heather's Heart

underpaid and overblessed said...

Thanks Heather! I love just being able to point to the poster to remind kids and they love chanting the rhyme!


Lisa Mattes said...

These are GREAT! The cough and sneeze is so relevant right now! I'm your newest follower. :) Heard about your from Primary Practice's post.
Growing Firsties

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