Friday, October 5, 2012

AR Bookmark FREEBIE!!!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I got into a blogging funk
(I know, after only like 4 or 5 posts. Ha.)
Anyway, my school started using Accelerated Reader last year. My 5th graders loved it and I loved how independently they were able to manage their AR accounts! Fast forward to this year...I'm teaching 2nd grade now! I'm learning a lot about how to implement AR with my little ones. They are enthusiastic, but need more guidance from teacher. That's where the bookmark freebie comes in!
I decided to give each student a bookmark with his/her zone of proximal development (as determined by the STAR diagnotic test) written on the back, so they could refer to this when picking out books from the school, classroom, or public library. I bought some dollar store bookmarks and was filling them out with this important AR information when I realized how much easier it would be if I just created a bookmark that had AR terminology on them. Viola! My first TpT product!

Click {here} to download My AR Bookmark FREEBIE!

So here's how the bookmarks work in my classroom. At the beginning of each new term (we have 4 terms a year), each student takes the AR diagnostic test so that we can monitor their progress. When I have each student's new ZPD, we sit down together and set a term point goal. Parents play an important role in this process! When the students' ZPDs and goals are determined, I make a new bookmark for each of them and laminate them. You can allow the kids to color the bookmarks before you laminate. My kids keep their handy bookmarks inside their library books so that each week when they go to the library, they have the bookmark with them to help them pick out good-fit books. If you don't want to make new bookmarks every term, just pass them out in the beginning of the year (or now). You can also just print the front and have kids write whatever information you deem important on the back. The bookmarks make using AR so much easier!
Happy reading! 


Sharon said...

Hi Brittany!! I found your blog through the teacher wife. She is lucky are you for her to be your friend!! :) Welcome to the blogging world, I'm new too. I'm your newest follower. Your stuff looks so cute. I'm still a student and have already learned so much from the blogging world.

PS-I absolutely LOVE your blog name!


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Heather's Heart said...

We don't have AR at my school but some of my teaching friends do. I'll be sure and share this with them. Thank you! =)

I am one of your newest followers and I am so happy to have found your adorable blog! Come hop over and grab a ten frames game when you get the chance. =)

Heather's Heart

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